Friends, today we are reviewing a very cheap yet important gadget — The TDS water tester from Xiaomi which recently launched in India. This is a very important one especially in monsoon season when the water tends to be muddy. Also, the cost of the device is so less that everyone should own it..

Mi TDS Water Tester :

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22 комментария к «This ₹349 Gadget Can SAVE YOUR LIFE ⚡ Xiaomi Mi TDS Water Tester Review!»
  1. 30 tds is not a mineral water,it is devoid of drinking and should not be consumed regularly because it will create mineral deficiency in the body.If the water has sufficient minerals then the TDS would easily be more tha 100.It is just a marketing gimmick the lesser the TDS,better is the water.

  2. Bro.. tds less than 100 is harmful. Tds between 100-300 is ideal. Tds also involves Dissolved minerals. Drinking low mineral water can lead to many deficiencies and that's only the tip of the iceberg. RO brands are fooling and playing with people's health

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